Project - Management

Security concepts are of multidisciplinary discipline, such as,  Security audit -  Analyses, Architectural conception & design, Compatibility & reliability,  Implementation of technology’s – Electronics - software, Follow up during installation, Training and Securing the total security solution.
A.M.Security has 20 years of experience and practical know-how to offer in the field of management -development and implementation of security solutions. Each of this disciplines are of crucial importance in the total process of the Security solution, and must therefore be implemented and managed taking account of the smallest details in line with internal procedures and regulations.
The AMS team is dedicated to providing the best technology at realistic prices ensuring the latest and most secure methods available for your home and business.

AMS contributes in innovation and development of security solutions by addressing the specific needs of our customers in different sectors ranging from:

> First system using motion detection as alarm triggers in camera surveillance systems, in ‘99
> First system applying “access control “and “time attendance” using one software platform, in 2000
> First system to link CCTV image to access controlled events software based, in 2001
> First cantilever sliding speed gate 1m/sec, in 2000
> First swing speed gates - trackless installed 1m/sec, in 2007